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You need to wear a hat from the 50s for your retro hairstyle, such as classic fascinator hats in various rainbow colors. Today, these small perch hats with net vwil are back in fashion. The pillbox hat of the 1950s is another retro hat style, a symbol of ten years ago. When summer comes, there are also a large number of 1950s wide-brimmed sun hats on sale, and in winter, fuzzy berets, stocking hats and straw hats decorated with raw edges still keep women's heads warm.

For fancy occasions occasions and weddings, on-hat veiled headband or small bow hat is very popular. The velvet turban is another night without a hat often worn by old Hollywood movie stars. Learn more about the history of hats in the 1950s here.

Fascinators Hats

Fascinators Hats

Fascinators have continued to grow more popular over the years, and while there are many casual styles to choose from, it helps to know how to practice proper etiquette when wearing one.

Pillbox Hats

Pillbox Hats

The pill box hat is a small hat usually worn by women. The crown is flat, upright and without a brim. It is named after the small cylindrical or hexagonal box used to sell pills.

The pillbox hat has been helping women make a fashion statement for over fifty years. Pillbox hat is simple, classic and elegant. The pillbox hat is very suitable for weddings, tea parties, cocktail parties and other events, which can improve the appearance. At missfox fashion, we provide a variety of women's pillbox hats for you to choose from. More importantly, our pillbox charming hat is made by many well-known designers. No matter what look you are looking for, you will definitely find the perfect pillbox hat at Missfox Fashion.

Cloche Hats

Cloche Hats

The cloche hat associated with the 1920s is back! It is warm and stylish, and most fashion-conscious celebrities know this. Kelly Osbourne, Fergie, Victoria Beckham and Leighton Meester may have been in Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) Looking for inspiration in the movie "Transfiguration", Angelina Jolie plays a sad mother.

The wearer's eyes are only slightly lower than the brim, so the old cloche hat can avoid days with bad hair. In the past, this type of hair was usually paired with short hair (the so-called Eaton crop popular by Josephine Baker) so that the hair would not be exposed. Lifting up the edge of the bell hat has also become popular. Did you know that the different styles of ribbons worn on the hat indicate the marital status of the wearer?

Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to wear a bell hat on long hair and use different elements (such as feathers, ribbons and rhinestones). For very fashionable winter styles, choose hoodless wool or asymmetric cloche with asymmetric sides. The Cloche hat is a must-have accessory for every lady, so you'd better learn to wear it from Sarah Jessica Parker and Blair Waldorf.

Sun Hat

vintage Sun Hat

Stuck in style rut? Adding a hat to the summer look can give them a new look and truly bring your retro love to the forefront. From anniversaries to labor day, make a statement for every piece of clothing you wear! Not only will you declare that you are a fashionista, but you can also play a protective role. Avoid direct sunlight to keep the skin young.

1. Edith Hart

Edith Hat is a turban-like hat worn under the ears. This kind of hat was very popular in the 1930s. The bell shape is very unique, so no one will miss your nod from a bygone era.

2.True truck fashion

You may have seen trucker hats at A&F, North Face, or other popular new retailers. Have you ever considered using older options? Truck caps were popular in the 1970s and continued into modern times. If you keep your eyes open, you can definitely find a cheap price!

3. Black and white sun hat

The Kate Spade swimsuit above is perfectly matched with the black and white sun hat. I like the Cosmo cover image from the late 1930s, it shows us that this style has existed for decades. The classic black and white stripes will never go out of style!

4. Floppy Fifties Style

Before tanning, the woman really covered the beach. Wide-brimmed, practical sun hats are all the rage. This style adds a bit of fun to your clothes.

5. Trendy straw hat

When you bring a faded copy of Kerouac's "On the Road" to a local coffee shop, you will want to wear a straw hat on your head to cover your eyes. Try the simplest clothing to try this look-a white T-shirt and rolled up boyfriend jeans will be a good choice. Where are the shoes? Skip them. Bare feet will suit this look.

6. Fun-Lovin’Fedora

You must have confidence in your sense of fashion to win a fedora in class. Whether you wear it on the beach or enjoy brunch outdoors, it will get some attention. The popularity of these hats peaked from the 1920s to the 1950s. You may feel like a gangster... Enjoy!

7. Bohemian explorer

Boho style with a soft felt hat or leather sun hat will look great. Personalize it with beads, feathers or ribbons!

8. Back to basic baseball

Don't forget to check the men's section of the second-hand store! Retro men's baseball caps can add fun to your outfit, especially when they have good words on them, such as "Jewel" or "Shine"; it doesn't matter what the logo represents-whether it's a gas station or a tractor manufacturer. When you buy and make your own, these words will mean what you want them to mean!

9. Charming cowgirl

Look for cowboy hats made of lightweight materials, such as the straw hat above. In summer, authentic, authentic vintage cowboy hats made of leather will be too hot and too heavy (and not easy to use). If you are going to the dance floor or music festival, please wear a nice pair of cowgirl boots with your hat!

Adding the perfect hat to your clothes can be really satisfying. It makes your appearance more perfect and adds new style elements.


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