MISSFOX includes 1950s&1920s Dresses, Plus Size Style and Summer Bikini Series.1950s&1920s dresses are full of a vintage look. While those old clothing at least twenty years old are vintage which are recently out of style with potential to make a comeback. Retro is never abandoned by time. We offer the most popular women' apparel of this season, including featured selection of vintage dresses, large size wear and sexy bikinis. MISSFOX is willing to be your exclusive wardrobe, personal Butler.

Address:Room 1002, Building 12, No. 30 Xiangyuan Road, Gongshu District Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Phone: +86 17857338587

Our Story

Since 2018, because of the love of dancing, ZKAKA has been committed to providing quality dance costumes and accessories for all those who love dance (from children to adults). At the beginning of 2019, MISSFOX joined the ZKAKA family. We belong to ZKAKA.We have the same mission and we share the same brand-ZKAKA on our products packages.In other words, when you receive the item bought on missfox, the package and tag are still the brand of ZKAKA. Both of us listen to the consumers and discerns their innermost pursuits. Whether it is ZKAKA or MISSFOX, we have the same passion for life.
Please note: All products which belond to brand "MissFox" is only available at MissFoxShop.com, products contain "MissFox" in other sites, is not beyond to "MissFox" brand.

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Company Address: C/o Regus 81 Rue de France 06000 Nice

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